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Jeremy's Old Website (College)
Jeremy's Older Website (High School)
Resume Updated 2012
My Old Resume Page

Other Website's I've Made
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Sites I made for work:
www.jerdill.com/valley - I was still working on this one, but never got content
www.alglaw.com - Older site
www.skpscpa.com - Older site
www.livingtrustcenter.com - No longer in buisness but I've archived the content

Other Personal Websites:
www.jerdill.com/photos - My Photo Album
www.tlcinfo.com - My home church in Lynchburg (Before Name Change)
www.crosspointwesleyan.com - My home church in Lynchburg (New Name)
www.burienbaptist.com - My home church in Seattle
www.burienbaptist.com/youth - Site Of my youth group. Watch Videos!
www.histouchministries.com - I made this for my Father-in-Law's Ministry here in VA
www.covenantmarriage.com - I made this another Ministry here in VA
www.jerdill.com/andy - Funny Website, Has Flash animation and Video footage.
www.777ranch.org - I made this for a christian ranch we went to work at for a missions trip

I'll add more as I make them!!!