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Hello my name is Jeremy, and this is the first page I have ever made, if you Keep on going down you will see some cool links and fun things to do on my page.


First of all, if you look to your left you will see a whole bunch of other links that lead to some of my friend's pages.

You will notice they are learning how to make a page, I am teaching them how. After they saw all the symbols and typing you have to do to make a page they lost all hope, but I talked them into it. Also none of them understand a bit of what I am teaching them so I just type all the symbols and I ask them what they want, sometimes they don't even know that, so I have to give them some Ideas. Well if you want to know more about them look at there page after you look at mine, it will tell you alot about them.

If you get to the bottom of my page remeber don't press the button that says "don't Press This Button", nothing good will happen belive me. okay?

If you would like to view my page in full screen click here.

Well let's get to the good stuff now like: I know you guys would like to see me with my head shaved, or take a survey about my friends. You also need to read a dictionary of really funny words and phrases my friend's and I use. You might like that too. There are also other cool things on this page. As you go down, below a line is the start of the page I made when I was learning. It goes in order from knowing nothing to knowing more and more. Awwwww! Here it goes.

Here is a picture of me with my head shaved.

Don't I look happy?
Yeah right! That smile was forced outa me, forced I tell you.


Now take this survey, I know you want to.

your name:

Which of these guys are your friends?
(check all that apply)

Which of these guys would you lend money to?(check all that apply)


Which of these guys would you trust with your sister?
(check all that apply)
Which of these guys make you laugh?
(check all that apply)
Which of these guys make you laugh when
you look at them?
(check all that apply)
Which of these guys would you hire as your bodyguard
(check all that apply)


Which of these guys would you tell a secret to?

Have any comments write m' down.




OH!! I am feeling woozie

Don't Click Here.


Jeremy's dictionary of twisted phrases and words my friends and I use
(forget the websters it's in alphabetical order)



Noya - when something bad happends but there is a bright side to it.

Yano- when something good happendes but thier is a down side to it .

Yoishbutt- Yoishi on nintendo.

Lidwig- Luigi on nintendo.

DK- Donkey Kong on nintendo.

Bowwow- Bowser on nintendo.

Mush- Mushroom on nintendo.

Prince- Princess on nintendo.

Koop- Koopa troopa on nintendo.

Marmar- Mario on nintendo.

Ninnin- Nintendo for nintendo.

Bad singer- Becca who sings horrid when we play nintendo.

That kid- Person who helps us with nintendo.

Least you have a reason- what you say when someone doesn't have a reason when you ask a question.

It's a guy It's a guy- What you say when a bad guy is coming to get you on nintendo.

Aaaaah- See daaaaaah.

Its all your fault- What you say when you don't want anyone to know you died on nintendo.

Thats nice- What you say when your busy playing nintendo and someone is trying to talk to you.

Worst thing in the world- an itch while playing nintendo.

Turn off the music- what you say when someones listening to country.

Get off of me- what you say when its crowded and your at the bottom of the pile.

All of a sudden- the begining of a story.

Terloy- what you say at the end of a name.example

1.) Danterloy
2.) Marterloy
3.) Becterloy

Dipwad- when someone is just plain stupid.

Shatter,Shatter,Shatter-the sound affect for breaking glass.

I gotta go pee!- pretty much explains for itself doesn't it.

Nuke it - 1.) When you blow somthing up.
2.) When you microwave somthing

I've donst it - When you invent or create somthing.

Blasted- Totaly destroyed or you make lots of blood and guts.

Bumulator- Person who gets the biggest gun and killes every one in sight in other words they get blasted.

Doinked- when you get hit and it looks painful.

Dinked- see doinked.

Shelled- Being hit by a rapid fire weapon.

I'm a little short on cash- What you say when your a little short on cash.

Money fluff- When you get from I'm a little short on cash to, lots of money.

Wedged- stuck between two objects.

Crevised- Smooshed between two people.

I'm gonna die your gona die were all gona die so ha ha- What you say when your gonna die.

Eeeeeeeelectricity- When you need electricity on Sim city.

Wiped out- When someone crashes.

Ha Ha Haaaaaa- What say when something good happends like when you find the jackpot.

Jack pot- When you find something.

Daaaaah- what you say when something bad happends ( like get flicked).

Flick ya- When you snap some one.

Wak- When you hit some one hard enough to make a noise.

Thock- the sound you make when you get hit by a golf ball.

Break for it- When you vandalize some thing you break for it.

wantsta trade- when you want to trade some thing on monopoly.

Someones gonna be hurting- What you say when you get flicked to the guy who flicked ya.

Way to go- What you say to someone who loses or breakes something.

Tink- A sound effect on a game or metitative tinking.

Whatever- don't really care.

Twat is this- what is this but in a funny voice.

It twasn't meeeee- it wasn't me but in a funny voice.


That is a cool dictionary, it explains how odd we really are doesn't it.

try out my conversion system it's really cool

Conversions - enter a number in either field, then click outside the text box
Temperature   F: C:

Let's move on to some other cool things now. First we'll have some links to cool places I've been to, and if you like games, veggie tales, downloading music and sound files, or just want to go some where else than my page, you should go to some of them. I'll also give a desription about it and what I got from it.



If you like downloading games,screensavers, or shareware, here are a few sites I really like.

Albert Ambry's page
The Father of shareware
screensaver heaven

Here is a page with 100 other links
shareware links

Here are some links to pages where you can download sound clips from movies,star trek,midi,or veggie tales and since this has to do with music there is also a link to lyics central and you can get lyrics from almost any song.
Movie clips
star trek clips
midi clips
Veggie tales clips

and this is
lyrics central

If you want to make your own web page I have some really good tools to use. If you don't know how to make a page I have a really easy tutorial to follow too.

Web Tools
developing tools

This is the tutorial I used to make my page, download it here.

Make a Page.

This is my favorite Show, "Veggie Tales" if you've heared of them, or not take a look.

Veggie Tales Web Site
Veggie Tales Page of Everything
Veggie Tales links


Below this line is from when I was learning. From knowing nothing, to knowing more.
something really cool   I am learning quick
< > how to use this software, this

could get fun ¾ ® ¥ ¿ § just playing with symbols



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But I don't see why you would want to there is still more to my web page and even though it is only a practice page there is still more I want you to look at so if you push that button be sure you come right back now you hear.

here is a list of cool things I like
  • computers
  • digital clocks
  • electronics
  • T.V.'s
  • VCR'S
  • scanners and
  • really fast speed boats

What I really hate
  1. mean people
  2. things that stink
  3. slow computers and
  4. homework
-		      -
-     in a box        -
-                     -

we the people of the united states in order to forn anore pirfct rnion, establish justice. insure dimestic tranquility provide for the common difinse, puomote the gineral welfare, and sicre the blissings of libirty to ortsolves and our posterity, do ordain and istablisg thes comstitution for the united states of anerica.

sorry about the spelling errors typing quick not looking at the keyboard only had typing lessons for 5 weeks

here's that stupid cop againcoming to get you.

now here is thatcool car again

These are words way out of the way and are here for some no good reason so don't mind them otay!! good


this is an unordered list
  • something blue
  • something red
  • something yellow
this is an ordered list
  1. something big
  2. something small
  3. something short
  4. something tall


This is a cool picture isn,t it?






ed rick


ingredients for apple pie
  1. apples
  2. doe
  3. sugar
  4. cinnamon




Hercules Hercules Hercules


This won't really work I am just learning how to make a form.


take bids on one compeditor
pick one to bid on:

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You can also just write in any old name

Well thats the end of my page but check out some of my friend's pages. If you are in full screen click here to return to my frames page and look to your left to find all of my friends links.

Thanks for visiting my page and please return soon!