This is my Photo Album for Liberty University. I'll try to add them as I get them. If you have a picture for me to add, just e-mail it.

I have each small picture labeled.
Click on it to see the big picture without the words.


Pictures of my friends here at Liberty

Pictures of Kat
Some are not good quality - they are pictures of a picture taken with a digital camera.

Pictures from Our Dorms
Both Guys and Girls dorms - (I have someone on the inside shh)

Eating at Macado's
October 5th, 2002

Eating at Red Lobster
October 15th, 2002 - (Kara's Birthday)

My Trip to Virgina
Seattle To Virgina - (5 days, 3086 miles)

Bowling in Lynchburg
November 3rd, 2002 - (Anthony's Birthday)

Christmas Party and Coed Dorm Night
December 11th 2002
Check Dec 12th on my blog for full description

What I did over Spring Break
Fun with Sticky notes in the dorm and on Becky's car

Pictures of my apartment in Lynchburg

Snow Days
I Used to like snow but now its a weekly thing.. it gets kind of old - at least there is no school =)!

Playing Dressup
The girls dress up.. so why can't Jeremy?

Laundry Day
All those years mom did laundry and I thank her!

Webcam snapshots

Miscellaneous Pictures