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Since 3\25\99

Welcome to the personal website of Jeremy Dillinger. Please use the categories on the left to browse through this site. Should you require information that is not available on this site, feel free to contact me.

       Thanks For Visiting my website, On your left you will see many links to some exciting part of my Web page. This Site has been updated and I've removed some of the fun things you might have liked before. So I kept that site around still and you can access it from the menu on the left, or by Clicking Here. I would Recommend visiting that if you want a good laugh. I made it in 8th grade and there are some good pictures there you might like, as well as some old webpages my friends have made.

       Don't forget to visit my photo album page And Watch my webcam as those are the best things I have on my website. Another highlight to check out would be the page that makes fun of Andy Erstad

       If you want to learn even more about me and my personality visit my profile on My Screen Name is JerBearDill

Well, now that I have all the advertising out of the way...
Lets talk about ME!!! (I know your excited)

       I just graduated high School in 2002 and I plan on going to college and majoring in Computer Information Services (CIS). I already have 6 Microsoft Certifications the Highest being MCSE+I. I want to work in the field of networking someday, as well as help people with computer problems. You can see my Resume Here Currently I work for a small Business firm In Tukwila, Washington where I maintain the network and Database (Microsoft Access). I also provide Technical support for the individual workers and for their computers. I also like to build WebPages and computer from scratch.

       Some of my other hobbies are: Hanging out with my friends, Watching TV, Playing sports (all except BasketBall), Learning stuff, And reading. I love to meet new people, and try new things.

Here is a picture of my Pet Dog.
What personal Site would be complete without this?
Her name is Happy

Well Don't forget to check out all the links to the left, I hope you enjoy my website! Come back soon for a visit!

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